Bremerton Termite & Pest Control Services


Pest control in Bremerton, Washington is an essential service that helps businesses and homeowners and protect their properties from damaging pests. While Bremerton is a city known for its beautiful waterfront, scenic views, and a thriving business community, the mild climate and abundance of water in the region also make it an attractive location for pests like rodents, carpenter ants, termites, and bed bugs to thrive.

Northwest Termite & Pest Control in Bremerton can help get rid of these unwanted guests and prevent future infestations. With the use of green, environmentally friendly techniques and tools, our experienced Bremerton pest control experts will determine the extent of the infestation and implement a customized treatment plan to eliminate the problem. Whether it's commercial or residential pest control, Bremerton relies on Northwest Termite & Pest Control to help property owners keep their homes and businesses pest-free. If you're looking for reliable Bremerton pest control, it's important to choose a licensed and experienced pest control company that uses eco-friendly pest control solutions and offers affordable rates. Northwest Termite & Pest Control is your first line of defense.

Termite Control in Bremerton

Termite control is crucial for homeowners and businesses in Bremerton, Washington, as the region is known for its high level of termite activity. There are several types of termites that live in the area:

  • Pacific dampwood termite
  • Western subterranean termite
  • Western drywood termite.

These termites can extensively damage wooden structures, buildings, furniture, and trees, making it essential to proactively take measures to prevent potential infestations and treat existing ones.

Professional termite control services can help Bremerton property owners identify and eliminate termite infestations. We use a variety of techniques, including liquid treatments, bait systems, and combinations of both to control termites and protect properties. Regular inspections and preventive treatments can also help prevent future termite infestations.

If you discover you have a termite problem, it's crucial that you immediately contact a licensed and experienced local termite control company in Bremerton to schedule an inspection and develop an effective treatment plan. By taking proactive steps to control termites, you can protect your property now and avoid costly repairs later on.

Ant Control in Bremerton

Ant control is an important aspect of pest control in Bremerton, Washington, as Kitsap County is home to several species of harmful ants that can cause extensive damage to property as well as pose a health risk to humans. Some of the harmful ant species found in Bremerton include:

  • carpenter ants
  • odorous house ants (the small black ants that arrive every spring)
  • pavement ants.

These ants can damage wooden structures, electrical wiring, and insulation, and some can also contaminate food and spread bacteria.

Northwest Termite & Pest Control can help Bremerton homeowners address these common ant infestations. Common control methods can include combinations of:

  • Baiting
  • liquid treatments (our primary method)
  • mechanical exclusion to seal entry points

Regular inspections and preventive treatments can also help prevent ant infestations in the future. If you live in Bremerton and you have identified an ant problem, it's important to schedule an inspection and enact a treatment plan. Addressing the problem early allows you to protect your property and reduce the risk of health hazards associated with ant infestations.

Rodent Control in Bremerton

Rodents are the classic infestation animal, with rats and mice being the most prevalent problems. Rodents can cause structural damage by gnawing through building materials, including insulation and electrical equipment. The most common types of rodents found in Bremerton include rats, mice, and voles. These rodents can cause extensive damage to homes and buildings, as well as carry bacteria and diseases that are dangerous for humans and pets.

In Bremerton, commonly found rodent species harmful to homes and businesses include:

  • Norway rat
  • Roof rat
  • Deer mouse
  • House mouse

To control rodent populations in Bremerton, several methods can be effective. Rodent baits are one common method, placed in areas where rodents are expected or known to congregate. Another option is the use of traps, which can be either lethal or non-lethal (non-lethal traps allow the rodent to be released back into the wild). In addition to these methods, it is also important to eliminate potential food and shelter sources for rodents, like debris and garbage piles, as this can help to discourage their activity in the area.